There are times when you may want to use a thin-kerf blade, but what about your riving knives and splitters? Won’t they be too wide? Well, not exactly. We’re going to touch on the basics of thin-kerf blades, but the main point of this article is to address the issue

Feel free to share this page with others… Introduction This is a list of helpful documentation and links to the cheapest places online for various SawStop consumables. I will be regularly updating and adding to this list with the cheapest prices available online.  I will always take the shipping cost

Share on Social Media The subject of brake spacing on a SawStop table saw seems to be somewhat confusing to people, no matter how long they have been using the saw.  I’m hoping to clear up some of the mystery once and for all. What exactly is brake spacing? Brake

This past weekend I attended the American Association of Woodturners Symposium at the Portland Convention center. The symposium consisted of many vendor booths and a gallery of inspiring woodworking pieces.  I bought some wood and some mother-of-pearl flakes and chips for doing inlay work.  I’ve included some photos from the

I Decided to Upgrade my Table Saw Dust Collection For the past several years I have been using SawStops Dust Collecting Blade Guard along with the Over-Arm Dust Collection Assembly.  This has worked well but there are a few things about it that weren’t working well for me.  Granted, there