News – January 22nd, 2019 – Woodworkers Journal Interview, SawStop Articles, and Video Progress

Woodworker’s Journal Interview

I was recently interviewed for Woodworkers Journal’s Today’s Woodworker feature. The article can be viewed at the link above.

If you’ve ever been curious as to how I got started doing what I do, it might prove to be an interesting read.

Choosing a SawStop Article

I have finally completed the first article in my Choosing a SawStop series of articles. This one covers the differences between the SawStop Contractor Saw and the Professional Saw.

My next article will cover the differences between the Professional Saw and the Industrial Saw.

After that I will cover the differences between the JobSite Saw and the Contractor Saw.

YouTube Video Progress

I’ve been working on another YouTube video where I show how I’m building a cart out of angle-iron for holding a bunch of cracked cymbals.

Since the angle-iron I’m using is powder-coated, I want to remove all that so I have some good clean metal to work with.

The photo to the right shows the effects of Rust-Oleum Aircraft Remover after sitting on the powder-coating for about 15 minutes. As you can see, the powder-coating is basically dissolving, allowing it to be scraped off easily.

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