I Decided to Make a Rainstick I’ve wanted to try my hand at making a rainstick for some time.  Not that I really enjoy playing with them but it seems like a fun project, especially with the amount of experimentation you can do.  Like most of my projects, I start

The top and bottom are ready to be stained and finished.  I’m going a bit out of order at this point.  I have already finished the top and the underside of the bottom but I’m going to bundle that in with my next post.  Here, I’m going to show how

I finally settled on a design for my studio desk.  It needed to fit into the breakfast nook, be mobile, and house the various racks of gear needed to record music.  I went through almost 20 designs before I settled on this one, not because it was the best, but

The extension wing provides a lot of work surface.

<< This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 6 – Finishing the benchtop   The finish has been applied to the bench-top so now it’s time to attach the hardware.  This is a tricky subject to explain clearly.  I’m going to do my best but I’m planning on coming back

After letting it sit for 24 hours, the bench is now ready for the hardware.

This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 5 – Cutting the benchtop to size The workbench top is almost done. It’s been glued up and cut to size. Now all it needs is the finishing touches to get it ready for the hardware. Adding a shallow rabbet on the ends

All done with two slabs cut to 5' and 2' in length.

This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 4 – Gluing up the new top. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  I’d love to hear from you. Back to Workbench: Part 4 – Gluing up the new top Back to Workbench: Part 3 – Change of plans Back