A lot has been happening.  So much so that I haven’t even had time to write up a new update. New Web Host I successfully made the switch to a new web host and (several small hichups aside) it went smoothly.  I’m really happy with the speed increase that I’mRead More →

I finally have some decent speed! After 12+ years at ImHosted.com I moved my site to a managed server.  ImHosted has usually been pretty good but I’ve been having server overload issues more and more frequently as of late and I finally decided to change web hosts. I’m now withRead More →

Feel free to share this page with others… Introduction This is a list of helpful documentation and links to the cheapest places online for various SawStop consumables. I will be regularly updating and adding to this list with the cheapest prices available online.  I will always take the shipping costRead More →

Share on Social Media The subject of brake spacing on a SawStop table saw seems to be somewhat confusing to people, no matter how long they have been using the saw.  I’m hoping to clear up some of the mystery once and for all. What exactly is brake spacing? BrakeRead More →