Sabian Meet The Masters 2017 My daughter Maisie and I went to the 2017 Sabian Meet The Masters event at Rhythm Traders in Portland, OR.  They had prototypes on display and for sale along with someone hammering cymbals as well as another Sabian employee operating the cymbal lathe. The mainRead More →

Harbor Freight Bullnose Live Center

Bullnose Live Center   I’m needing a bullnose live center for my lathe.  I found a version by OneWay at my local Rockler that may work but it is insanely expensive.  I was going to simply make my own but then I found one that appears to be what isRead More →

Photo taken after recording the track "Crooked Tree" by Bright & Shiny

Current Projects I’ve got several projects in the works and many more planned for the near future.  Below is a list and description of what I am currently working on.   Bright & Shiny I’m about halfway through recording the drum tracks for the upcoming album by Bright & Shiny.Read More →

You may have noticed that my blog was unavailable for the past 12 hours or so. The reason for this is because I wanted to change the layout and structure.  Some categories have changed and I’ve added a new one: News.  In fact, you’re reading a news post now.  Read More →