I’ve been lax in posting news updates.  I’m going to try to be better about this. Wiring I’ve got the studio desk pretty much done, but I’m doing some additional wiring, such as adding a few electrical outlets to the desk itself. I’m also making all new audio cables.  This

This weekend I added a new cymbal to my setup.  It’s a Sabian Vault Custom Shop HH 22″ ride with a semi-lathed pattern on the top and a completely lathed underside.   I used it at our regular Sunday gig at McNallly’s Taproom (we play each Sunday from 3:00 –

I think I may have settled on a final design for a recording studio desk. This satisfies all of my requirements. It’s mobile. It doesn’t take up much space. It is self contained. It has amenities for both the studio engineer and the talent.   The plan is that it

Several months back I discovered a musical device called The Apprehension Engine.  It was created by Tony Duggin-Smith for Mark Korven who is a film composer who was looking for some new sounds to use when creating horror film scores. I’ve knocked around the idea for a while and I’ve

I’ve spent the last few days installing some new lighting in my recording and rehearsal studio.  I have track lighting running down two of the walls but there weren’t any lights behind the drumset.  I added 5 track lights above and behind the kit and they are set up so

The recording for the upcoming album by Bright & Shiny is progressing well.  I have been playing around with the video for a few songs and although it isn’t finished, I decided to share an early version of one of the videos. I’m playing around with the title sequence and

Recording Progress – Bright & Shiny This weekend I managed to get time to record two more songs for Bright & Shiny.  The two songs are titled This Waiting and The End Holding Your Hand. I was particularly happy to get The End Holding Your Hand recorded because of how