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Back in 2002 I created an app for the board game Heroquest by Milton Bradley, which allows you to create your own cards for use in the game.  It proved to be rather popular, even with fairly limited functionality.


hq_f_artifactI haven’t played Heroquest in over a decade and I’m not really looking to get back into it.  I assumed that no one was interested in this app any more but I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot of hits to this blog from other Heroquest-related websites so I decided to share these again.

You will need the following file.





There are several things that I’ve always been disappointed with in this app:

  1. Only creates low-res images.
  2. Not able to import your own images.
  3. Card files are encrypted which just adds an unnecessary level of complexity to it.

I might be willing to make a new version that addresses these images.  If you are interested in that, please let me know in the comments below.  Otherwise, enjoy.


44 thoughts on “Heroquest Card Creator”

  1. Alright, this post has gotten a massive response (as far as site traffic is concerned) which leads me to believe that a lot of you still use this app.

    Is there any interest in a web-based version of this that allows you to import your own graphics and outputs a high-res .pdf file? If so, please leave a comment below.

    Also, feel free to share any suggestions for features that I should add.

    1. Hello!
      Card maker+patch→zip file with pass?
      Update with request & fix?
      Online could be a plus, but not a substitute for offline use.
      Thank you!

  2. I would love to be able to import my own graphics and export as a high res PDF. My kids recently got interested in board games, so I pulled out the old copy of Heroquest, and really want to make a few new items, as well as maybe make a Star Wars conversion.

    Also, the patch.exe can’t be located on the page. And when I tried using the card creator on my computer today, it would freeze every time I tried to input text for the card. Pictures and title were fine though. (I did a standard install on my pc running windows 10.)


    1. The Patch.exe got flagged by Google as a virus, even though it isn’t. It was blocking access to my site for a few days as a result. I’m going to remove the link to it and come up with a better solution.

      As far as the freezing, try restarting your computer. I never had this problem when I first created this program but newer versions of windows seem to require a restart before the text fields are editable. Sorry. This program is so it, it really needs to be updated.

  3. I hope you find a workaround for the patch. I got this game from my brother in law and my son is keen to play. We are short a few cards. many thanks

  4. I am a member of a huge HQ forum. There are plenty of us that can already make our own cards. But that involves some graphic skill and a good program like Photoshop. We share a lot of our stuff, including knowledge. But from what I understand, this program makes it usable for almost anyone. Plenty of people with good ideas, but lacking skill out there! Please update this program.. Help us TrentDavis, you’re our only hope!

  5. I’ve used your card creator for years and always loved it but the one feature I always wished could have been implemented was custo/other template styles. Would it be possible to see this added as an import feature? Users could then create custom layouts for new/alternate systems as well as being able to use the program for other games. Additionally, while a web based app could allow hosted sharing of custom created templates/art personally I would prefer keeping the current downloadable exe style program so it can be used offline.

  6. It would be nice if you could publish the source on github or bitbucket (or even just as a download), so that other people can help. I’d really like to see this ported to macOS for example; a web version is cool but then we’d all rely on you paying the bandwidth bills.

  7. Jake (Nicodemus)

    I’m also a big fan of your program, but like you Trent, I found the low-res to be a big downside. The ability to import my own images as well as use high-res scans of originals from a database would be fantastic. I’d be willing to put in some work with your new program to make a database for the existing cards from the base and expansions (Eur, Japanese, and N American versions).

  8. Thanks heaps. My oldest boy is looking at getting his kids hooked on Heroquest he liked it so much. Looking at options for expanding the game when they use all the basic options up. 🙂

  9. I would love a web-based version of this. I just got back into HeroQuest and am trying to find all the Expansion cards and make some new ones, but I currently have a Mac so I’m not able to use this. I’d love to, though, as I hear it’s an excellent program. Thank you for your work!

  10. Has anyone heard from Trent about updating the old program to allow importing of custom images? I am sure it would be popular. Maybe a kickstarter would help?

  11. It’s pretty low on my priority list. I’ve got a lot of other projects keeping me busy these days. I’m probably going to make a new version that’s all web based but in order to not violate anyone’s copyrights, I’ll probably have to release it without any graphics but allow you to import your own. I’m looking into the options.

  12. This is awesome, would love to see a web based version on the app. Also can you also provide the original cards to download as a PDF?

  13. I think as is this tool is fantastic! I would like to be able to import my own pictures like others have stated. I’d also like to know if you have or have ever run across a tool or system that will help one to take D&D stats and convert them to Heroquest monster stats.

  14. Fantastic tool. Though we understand you have a life, a family and a job to take care of we keep hoping you will one day surprise us with an update to your wonderful Card Creator program. Thanks for the version you still share here, not in the least your hard work & time invested in it. It has already brought us much enjoyment. Wishing you the best.

  15. I’ve been using this creator for years off and on when I have the time. And I would love to see a web-based version of this program. I tried a few years ago to convince FFG to pick up the Hero Quest license to re-release it when they acquired the GW license, but to no avail. Anyway, keep up the good work on whatever you do, and I hope you have time to work on this project!

  16. Thanks for keeping this up! HeroQuest is my favourite game and this is great for me since I want to start working on a homemade hybrid of the best bits of both the European and American versions (as well as adding a few D&D elements such as stealth and leveling). If anyone sees this an knows of a version like that already please let me know otherwise I’ll comment here and HeroQuest related forums if/when I get anything up and running.

    Importing graphics and high res output would be amazing if you ever find the time to work on those. Thanks for the time and effort you’ve already put into this version too!

  17. Great tool. But the installation does not finish and installs only the Elf and Morcar cards?! Any help where to get the cards of the other expansions?


  18. Thanks!
    Would love a Web Version / HiRes / JPEG import / 10 sacks of gold …opps, got carried away. 😉

    Could it go open source for someone else to work on it?

    Love people keeping niche things alive.

  19. Pierre-Luc Marsan

    Great tool, i love it! At last i’ll be able to add some gameplay to my old version of HQ. Tjank!

  20. I would love to see a new version and a way to print double sided on a single sheet of card stock so I do not have to glue the top of the card to the bottom. Would be great!

  21. Hi, When installing the tool it hangs at the very end even though the progress bars seem to show 100%. The software is installed and can be run manually but only the Elf and Morcar card folders are installed.

  22. I would pay good money for a HeroQuest Card creator program. Put it on steam, and you would have a hit and allot of sales.

  23. I’d certainly be interested in an update, especially if it were cross-platform (web-based stuff usually is) and can still import the old card format.

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