The extension wing provides a lot of work surface.

<< This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 6 – Finishing the benchtop   The finish has been applied to the bench-top so now it’s time to attach the hardware.  This is a tricky subject to explain clearly.  I’m going to do my best but I’m planning on coming backRead More →

This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 3 – Change of plans. Time to glue it all up. The next step is cutting it down to a workable piece.  We’re still planning out the legs and possible drawers.  Also, I noticed that this piece has a slight bow to it from frontRead More →

  This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 2 – Gluing up the top. After gluing up half of the top, I repeated the process and got the other half glued up as well.   Once it was dry I joined them together with glue and biscuits just like I didRead More →