Materials Needed WD-40 Grey Scotch-Brite Pads (7448) Some sort of treatment such as… Johnson Paste Wax MinWax Paste Wax Renaissance Wax T-9 BoeShield (Lubricant, Rust Free, Blade & Bit) GlideCote Optional 0000 Steel Wool (instead of the Scotch-Brite pads) Denatured Alcohol Bag Of Rags Blue Painters Tape Blue Shop Towels Hand Pad Holder or Sanding BlockRead More →

UPDATE: I’ve tested this for almost a year.  Read my final opinion here.   Behind my table saw is a large outfeed/assembly table that consists of a torsion box top that sits a little bit lower than my table saw.  Since this table is used for glue-up, finishing, andlots ofRead More →

The extension wing provides a lot of work surface.

<< This is a continuation of Workbench: Part 6 – Finishing the benchtop   The finish has been applied to the bench-top so now it’s time to attach the hardware.  This is a tricky subject to explain clearly.  I’m going to do my best but I’m planning on coming backRead More →

For Christmas 2016, I decided to make some pens for my co-workers. I remember when I first got started turning, and pen-making in particular, I would scour the web looking for different approaches and techniques from various wood-turners. I made a lot of expensive kindling in my attempt to learnRead More →