I recorded the drum tracks for Every Time I Fall, a song I’m working on with Jongwon Kim.   I have a somewhat peculiar way of recording. I actually record the drum tracks a total of eight times, one after the other without any breaks in between.  Typically, the first two tracksRead More →

This is just a test of the over-the-head GoPro setup.  The audio was recorded in Ableton and edited into the video. This was when we were auditioning a new keyboard player so it’s a pretty low-key performance.  I was also just getting over the flu so I didn’t have a lotRead More →

  Worked on two songs last night.  We’re still solidifying our parts so the playing is a bit rough, especially by yours truly. My setup for this practice was identical to the setup on 2016-09-15. Only The Strong Every Time I Fall  Read More →

Back in 2004 I did some recording for a few groups in Portland.  This was an attempt to try different styles and get more experience recording. One group I recorded with was called Keyenta.  It was quite a departure for me.  Definitely not my type of music and I thinkRead More →

Recorded a few takes last night as we were writing our parts for a few songs.    In this I’m testing out some cymbals that I modified.  They’re cut down Wuhan Lion cymbals, which is Wuhan’s version of the China cymbals we’re more familiar with.  Personally I hate the soundRead More →

I played in a band called Tom’s Fury back in 2004 – 2005 that had a slightly heavy Americana feel to it.  We recorded an album that to this day has yet to be finalized.   This is the latest version from 2015. Bury My Heart – 4:20 By Wire – 2:39Read More →