Songwriting – 2016-09-15

Recorded a few takes last night as we were writing our parts for a few songs.    In this I’m testing out some cymbals that I modified.  They’re cut down Wuhan Lion cymbals, which is Wuhan’s version of the China cymbals we’re more familiar with.  Personally I hate the sound of their Lion cymbals, but once you cut the flange off, they have a pretty nice trashy sound.

Here are some photos of the setup I used during the rehearsal.  The Lions are the weird looking ones.

Rehearsal – 2016-09-15 – Overhead



Rehearsal – 2016-09-15 – Front


Warning: it’s rough and my timing sucks because…well…I’m a white guy.

No Name #6 – Rough recording


Forgiveness – Rough recording

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