A few years back I started recording an album with the local band Bright & Shiny. It appears that the album is now on Production Hell and may never see the light of day. I was given temporary tracks to record along to. This was helpful but frustrating at theRead More →

New Welder I traded in my Harbor Freight 110 volt welder for an old Forney 220 volt one.  It’s old, heavy, and almost too powerful.  I’m still getting the hang of it but so far I am really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to how this can help outRead More →

I Finished the Light Grid! I created a quick mock-up of how the lights and cameras might be attached.  In this photo I’ve got two LED lights aimed at the bandsaw, and two action cameras (similar to a GoPro) mounted on telescoping microphone stands.  This allows me to get theRead More →